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    The Ice Breaker sofa, in soft velvet with tone-on-tone pastel profiles, owes its light design and its sophisticated bearing to the aspiration to cross time and fashions.

    Its name recalls the northern seas and brings to mind soft colors that outline minimal lines and designs.

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    A sofa with a soft and enveloping design that alternately becomes a bed or a large island to live in freedom, simply by overturning the reclining backrest with a single movement that recalls “the blink of an eye”.

    In the outdoor version it finds its ideal location in green areas, spas and poolside.

    The single-material construction and innovative technique guarantees a soft and resilient comfort, while maintaining excellent structural characteristics of stability and durability.

  • An unprecedented concept for the sofa in the two or three-seater version with lounge chair, calibrated in the dimensions and in the dry volumes.

    A contemporary rigor that draws inspiration from the past, and reveals its personality in the details: the wooden structure, light to the eye but solid, welcomes the single seat cushion and the backrest which is characterized by contrasting piping.


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    An elegant sofa that owes its personality to clean and soft lines. The rounded and enveloping shapes, the careful details and the refined finishes contribute to making it even lighter and more sophisticated. Available in three different colors.

    Width: 222cm   Depth: 95cm

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    The sinuous lines of the backrest describe a wave that runs through the whole profile until you get to draw the armrest . A delicate shape, highlighted by a contrasting profile that outlines the seat seamlessly. Available in two colors.

    Width:206  Depth:100  Height:90

  • In the collection ‘Ceci est un Caillou’, finds space the small capsule Guest dedicated exclusively to upholstered products.

    Width:133  Depth:75  Height:76

  • The Ice Breaker sofa, soft velvet with pastel profiles ton sur ton, owes its lights design and its sophisticated posture to the aspiration to cross time and fashion.

    Width:225  Depth:38  Height:34

  • Ensemble Caillou is a seating system unique of its kind, where the simplicity of the design blends with the refinement of the cut and finishes creating an exclusive product able to revolutionize the concept of living space, study, relaxation and fun.

    Width:240  Depth:120

  • A free interpretation of modern design and classic soul, for shades of interior with a contemporary flavour.

    Width:280  Depth:105  Height:70

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    Serie Cuscini square cushions