Width:220  Length:220  Height:92

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Color and material: Acrylic: WT6064 ( white)
PS skirt and ladder: F(brown color)

Cover: 1008 (brown color )

LX Water pump(3HP) LP300 : 2pcs
LX Pump for filter (0.35HP) : 1pc Paper element filter: 1pc
USA Aqua Ozone-sterilization XL60: 1pc USA Balboa Heater(3KW): 1pc USA Balboa Control system 1set
PS skirt: 1set Pillow 5pcs
4 inch adjustable jets: 1pcs
3 inch adjustable jets: 8pcs 2 inch jets: 76pcs
Bottom light(3W): 1pc 2 inch diversion: 2pcs
Water pipe & valve: 1batch

The following items are also included:

Bluetooth player and speaker 1set Cover
PS Ladder 1set
Small Led light 20pcs Fountain with light 2pcs
Heat insulation on the tub body Heat insulation on the skirt