Your office desk is a major part of your business, as you probably spend most of your time behind it. It’s the place where most business owners keep their computers, phones, and important documents, so selecting a new desk should be a big deal. Consider these tips as you’re searching for the right desk for you.

Pick the right size. You need a desk that fits all the necessities you use to run your business, which means the surface should be big enough for your monitor, paperwork, and any organizational materials, such as a desk calendar or day planner. You will also need space underneath for the CPU, if you are using a desktop, and places to keep your writing utensils and other items.

Consider the location. Your new desk should fit in your office without looking crammed into place. Measure the area you have available before buying a desk, taking into account the space you will need to fit your chair and any nearby furnishings, such as filing cabinets.

Pick your features. Business owners need more than just empty surfaces for their monitors. For added convenience, most of our furniture are equipped with a USB charging port and a power plug.

Prepare the location. Whether you’re having your new office furniture delivered or you’re moving it in yourself, get the appointed space ready. Clear a path from the door to the area where you plan to put the desk, and vacuum or sweep the floor. If the desk will be placed against a wall, blocking the outlets you’ll need for work, consider plugging in the necessary cords before the furniture arrives. This way, you can just put them through the proper holes in the back of the desk as you move it into place, then plug them into your office equipment when you get everything put together. The better you prepare for the new desk, the sooner you’ll be able to start enjoying its functionality.